The Best Diaper Bags in India – Detailed Guide 2021

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In this article, I will give you all the information you need on the best diaper bags in India. I will tell you all about the best baby diapers bags for your specific needs, a comparison chart for a quick overview of my top diaper bags and a guide to help you determine which baby diaper bag to zero down on.

For almost two years after the birth of my baby, the only bag I used was the diaper bag. That is exactly why I think that investing in a diaper bag is not only a must but also needs some careful study.

I looked through plenty of options and then settled for a classic backpack styled diaper bag. It kept my hands free, evenly distributed the weight, looked stylish, supported all my travel plans and didn’t need any special maintenance or mending!

I strongly feel that if you buy the right diaper bag for your needs, you won’t have to bother buying another bag throughout your baby’s diaper-days.

So let me pass all the wisdom I gained from researching for, buying and using a diaper bag to you to help you settle down on the best diaper bag in India!

My Top Pick – Best Diaper Bag in India

In my opinion, one of the best diaper bags in India is the Robustrion Diaper Bag. It is trendy, affordable and super functional.

Best diaper bags in India
Me in Bali using my favourite diaper bag – the Robustrion diaper bag

You can read its detailed review in the review section below.

Quick Overview – Best Diaper Bags in India

Which are the best diaper bags in India? The top diaper bags in India are –

Best diaper bag in India (overall) – Robustrion Diaper Bag

Best diaper bag backpack – Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags 

Best sling diaper bag – Fisher-Price Diaper Bag

Best diaper bag for dads – R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag

Best premium diaper bag – Skip Hop Duo French Stripe Special Edition Diaper Bag

Best diaper bag for travel – My Milestones Duo Detach 2-in-1 Baby Diaper Bag

You can simply choose one of the above options based on your requirements. But if you aren’t sure what to look for in a diaper bag, continue reading this comprehensive guide.

Comparison Chart – Best Diaper Bag in India 2021

Before, I dive into reviewing all the diaper bags and setting down criteria that you must take into consideration when buying a baby diaper bag. You can toggle based on the diaper bag price or based on any other field in the table below.

NameImageTypeOverall Rating (Out of 5)Price
Robustrion Diaper BagBackpack5Check
Mee Mee Multipurpose Diaper BagSling / Backpack4.5Check
Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags Backpack4.5Check
LuvLap Lily Travel Diaper BagBackpack4.5Check
R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper BagBackpack4Check
Fisher-Price Diaper BagSling4Check
Skip Hop Duo French Stripe Special Edition Diaper BagSling4.5Check
Mee Mee Multipurpose Diaper Bag with Changing MatSling4Check
Magideal Baby Diaper Bag Organizer PouchN.A.4Check
My Milestones Duo Detach 2-in-1 Baby Diaper BagSling4.5Check

Types of Diaper Bags

In this article, I am going to be recommending diaper bags belonging to the following two primary types –

Backpack Diaper Bags

This type of diaper bag is the one that looks pretty similar to your backpack. You wear it over your shoulders. The diaper bag sits on your back.

The key advantages of using this type of diaper bag are –

  • Keeps your hands free
  • Distributes weight evenly over your shoulders
  • Looks similar to your other backpacks and does not immediately give you a ‘parent-look’
  • Looks good on men too

The disadvantages of a backpack diaper bag are –

  • the stuff inside this backpack is not quickly accessible. You will most often need to take the bag off one of your shoulders to quickly access the contents inside the bag.
  • Does not always suit ethnic clothing

Sling Diaper Bag / Messenger Diaper Bag / Tote Diaper Bag

Okay, now in a strict fashion-savvy world, all of these words would not mean the same thing. But for us Indians, who are more concerned about functionality than style, we would be using all these words interchangeably.

Basically, a sling diaper bag or a messenger diaper bag or a tote diaper bag is a diaper bag that looks like a purse and is worn over one shoulder. That is the reason these have been the go-to diaper bags for moms.

Some one-shoulder purse-style diaper bags can also be worn across the chest.

The key advantages of using this type of diaper bag are –

  • Keeps your back free
  • Contents inside the bag are quickly accessible
  • Women used to carrying a purse, find this convenient to use
  • Goes well with ethnic as well as western clothing

The disadvantages of using this type of diaper bag are –

  • Does not keep your hands free
  • Does not distribute weight evenly
  • Style may not suit men

How to choose from the best diaper bags in India?


The primary area in which a diaper bag differs from regular bags is in its storage function. A baby’s or kids diaper bag is meant to store specific items.

Now, let me tell you from personal experience that

  • you need to carry a lot of different items in your diaper bag and
  • you need to access each item really quickly (before your baby turns, throws a tantrum or start crying hysterically)

What this means that the diaper bag you choose must have enough storage facility. Additionally, this facility must be properly divided so as to be able to access it conveniently and quickly.

In my opinion, R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag is a super spacious backpack diaper bag. From a travel point of view, My Milestones Duo Detach 2-in-1 Baby Diaper Bag offers the best storage solutions for your diaper bag needs. 


Diaper bags must come with neatly appropriated pockets for their contents. The key pockets that you must look for when you buy a diaper bag online are –

  1. A few deep pockets for diapers
  2. Insulated pockets for bottles (preferably insulated or padded)
  3. A handy pocket for tissues or wet wipes
  4. Additional pocket to store your phone or wallet.

These pockets must come in addition to the one big roomy pocket that allows you to store all your other items.

Plus you must also look at the placement of these pockets. These pockets must be quickly accessible and handy.


Diaper bags usually come in either baby-friendly colours or parent-friendly colours. Thus some diaper bags obviously look like diaper bags from the outside as they use baby-friendly animal print or come in pastel shades.

Some, on the other hand, look like a regular backpack or purse. Thus you can carry these like your everyday wear bags and still look stylish.

What you pick depends entirely on what style you identify with more. If you like flaunting the parent in you, you could pick up a baby-print bag. If not, you could stick to the neutral, everyday-wear styled diaper bags.


Who is going to use the diaper bag? Is it only going to be the mom using it or will the dad also be using it?

This is an important factor to take into consideration.

Rarely will you find a dad comfortable in carrying a pastel-coloured diaper bag or a purse-styled diaper bag.

To avoid this discomfort, you should probably look at stylish diaper bags that are not only functional but can also be carried around by any parent without worrying about not looking cool!

In most cases, a diaper backpack is preferred by both parents while a one-sided sling bag is preferred by women.

The best diaper backpack for a dad is R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag

The best diaper bag for a mom (sling) is Fisher-Price Diaper Bag


Unlike diaper manufacturers in India that greatly differ the price of their end product, the pricing of diaper bags in India is quite uniform.

Most diaper bags produced by leading brands such as Robustrion, Mee Mee, Luvlap or R for Rabbit are similarly priced. These bags will also perform similarly in terms of their durability and quality of material used.

However, the only type of diaper bags that will prove to be truly top-notch in terms of their quality, finish and user-experience are the ones that come from internationally acclaimed brands such as Skip hop.

Therefore, if you are someone who is going to travel frequently with your baby and subject the diaper bag to rough and frequent use, you should definitely look at the higher-end brands.

If not, you could rely on any of the other product recommendations on this list.


If you looked up for diaper bags in India online, you will find so many diaper bags that look almost identical and yet are priced a bit differently. Usually, the difference in pricing comes on account of the features that the diaper bag provides.

Some useful features to have in a diaper bag are –


Even though I would like all diaper bags to be water-resistant, some are not. As a parent dealing in wet diapers, spills and leaks, it’s best to look for a bag that stays protected from this type of damage.

Changing pad

Most diaper bags come with a changing pad. I find this feature really useful as it lessens one-item from your diaper bag packing list. Plus, since the bag manufacturers make the changing pad, it usually folds down well and fits beautifully in the diaper bag.


If you plan to run errands with your baby such as go shopping, go on long walks or travel extensively, you will be putting your baby in a stroller quite often. In this case, a diaper bag that can be conveniently attached to the stroller proves to be super useful.

Attaching your diaper bag to stroller hooks allow you to go diaper-bag free and give your shoulders some much-needed break while your baby is in the stroller.

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Best Diaper Bags in India Reviews

Robustrion Diaper Bag

Pros – Affordable, excellent design, available in many colours and style variations, good quality make, durable.

Cons – None

Robustrion diaper bag

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Look no further for this is the best diaper bag in India!

This Robustrion diaper bag is affordable, comes in colours that could easily please the tastes of either of the parent and delivers renders excellent functionality.

Me walking around with my Robustrion diaper bag

Robustrian is one of the most popular diaper bag brands and all of its diaper bags come with great storage space. On the inside, the backpack diaper bag has ample space to store enough baby-items. The diaper pockets are spacious and you can easily store about 6-8 diapers there.

Additionally, the spacious interiors will also you to store extra clothing, bibs, wipes, toys, books, feeding cover, etc. You will also find a pocket for your phone or wallet in here.

On the front side, you will find a handy pocket that lets you store 3 feeding bottles. The padding on these pockets keeps the bottles safe. In addition to this, the bag features a side pocket for storing a small water-bottle or any other item you would like to have quick access to.

The other side pocket is a wipes pocket. You could store your wet wipes in there and pull them out quickly as you need them without having to open your diaper bag.

Now, there are plenty of other brands that also have diaper backpacks using the exact same design. But I have found the make of this diaper bag sturdy. Its zips work seamlessly over the years and the stitching doesn’t give away despite rough usage.

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Mee Mee Multipurpose Diaper Bag

Pros –  Affordable, design allows use as a backpack as well as a sling bag, unisex design, good quality make, durable.

Cons – Difficult to access items in the bag on-the-go

Mee Mee diaper bag

Click here to check the latest price

I absolutely love this bag for its design and its premium feel!

The light grey and the denim colours that it comes in are unisex and no man would hesitate to carry this diaper bag along. 

The bag uses the shape of a regular sling-style laptop bag. But it also offers the convenience of wearing it on your back like a regular backpack.

Plus, thanks to its wide shape, the bag rarely hangs below your waist which is a great advantage for shorter parents.

Moreover, the wide fit of the bag makes it possible for you to quickly access items in the bag without you having to dig through it. The diaper bag comes with a cool 12 well-placed pockets.

You can keep the diapers at the bag end and have all the other items placed in the front. The bottles can also be safely tucked on the sides.

Except for the fact that it is very difficult to partially open the bag while wearing it on your bag, this diaper bag has no serious flaws.

If you are someone who wants a diaper bag that blends well with the rest of your outfit, is highly functional and uses premium-quality material, go for this bag without a second thought!

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Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags 

Pros – Elegant and stylish design, thoughtfully crafted pockets, anti-rust zips, water-resistant, durable

Cons – A bit more expensive than basic variants, feminine design

Motherly diaper bag

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Now I know that you must be wondering why I have enlisted a product here that looks almost exactly like the Robustrion Backpack diaper bag. 

Let me tell you the reason for doing the same. This Motherly diaper bag adds a lot of functionality to the classic diaper backpack design.

Thus, although it may look similar to many other diaper bags on the outside, in terms of its functionality and pocket craft, it works way better than the basic Robustrion variant.

To begin with, it comes with two insulated wide bottle holders in the front. Additionally, it also comes with two spoon holders. (Trust me, many diaper bags do not come with spoon holders, but their availability proves to be super useful.)

The diaper backpack comes with a quick access zip on the bag that lets you access items stored on the bottom end of the bag without you having to dig through the content from the top end.

The highlight of the bag, however, is the anti-theft pocket on the bag. Wallets often get lost in the many contents inside the diaper bag. But this anti-theft compartment works really well to safely store a small wallet in it.

Additionally, the diaper bag also provides a bottle-cover and a changing mat to ensure that an all-round positive experience.

Coming to the design aspect too, the dual-colour makes this one of the cute baby diaper bags available online that also looks elegant and stylish. The metal zips and buttons are anti-rust and keep your diaper bag looking new throughout.

Of course, the enhanced quality and functionality features come with a more expensive price tag. But you won’t regret spending the few extra hundred rupees once you start enjoying the benefits that come with it.

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LuvLap Lily Travel Diaper Bag

Pros – Patterned design, comes in a variety of colours and patterns, Plenty of pockets available, water-resistant, comes with a diaper changing mat, durable

Cons – A bit more expensive than basic variants

Luvlap diaper bag

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It’s amusing how all these diaper backpacks come in the exact same outer shape and yet on the inside are all a bit different from each other.

This Luvlap diaper bag looks particularly more attractive than many of the other uni-colour diaper bags. The patterned design instantly makes it comparable with the designer diaper bags available in the market.

(Especially moms of baby girls will love the design and the print on these diaper bags for girls!)

But it is not only for its good looks that I am including this diaper bag in this listing. On the inside, the diaper bag features three interesting elements.

  1. The large main compartment of this diaper bag contains a pocket suitable to hold an iPad, a tablet or even a mini-laptop. I find this a great addition for working moms who need to double up their diaper bag as their work-bag too!
  2. The outer pocket is neatly designed to maximise space. This means that there are only two bottle holders leaving ample space to hold a small napkin or a bib. Plus, there is a zippered pocket in here that’s perfect for storing wet diapers. This feature is particularly helpful for parents using cloth diapers.
  3. On the back end of the diaper bag, you will also find a small anti-theft pocket useful to store your waller or your phone.

The other tit-bits on this bag are also a reflection of the thought that has gone in making this bag. Thus, you will find padded shoulder straps, a metal key holder on the side, a diaper changing mat and the overall use of water-resistant material to protect against spills.

Again, as I have stated earlier, like most bags features come for a price and you will find the pricing of this bag a bit higher than basic diaper bag variants.

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R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag

Pros – Smart design with a minimal number of pockets, can store a 15-inch laptop, comes with a safety pocket on the back, insulated side bottle holder, water-resistant and durable.

Cons – A bit more expensive, the outer pocket can’t store bottles.

R for rabbit diaper bag

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Are you looking for an R for Rabbit diaper bag? Well, this one is the best diaper bag backpack from the brand.

This diaper backpack comes in many colours but the blue and the steel grey one can particularly be used as a dad diaper bag.

The distinguishing factor of this diaper bag vis-a-vis most others is that it is spacious but comes with fewer pockets. In fact, it only comes with one outer insulated bottle holder. This trait of the R for Rabbit diaper bag makes it more suitable for babies that are exclusively breastfed where you don’t really need to carry many bottles along with you.

The inner space with fewer pockets can also be maximised to store a full 15-inch laptop, extra diapers, a changing mat that comes with the backpack and a lot of other baby products.

On the outside, the diaper bag is equipped with a regular smart pocket. You won’t be able to store bottles in this pocket. While the lack of a standard outer pocket may prove to be a problem for parents who need to carry multiple handy bottles, it can prove to be beneficial for parents who don’t want their diaper backpack to look like a baby bag.

The diaper bag also sports a safety pocket on the bag to store your valuables.

Overall, I find the diaper bag a great choice for parents of exclusively young babies, working parents or minimalist parents. The price tag, however, is a bit steep.

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Fisher-Price Diaper Bag

Pros – Affordable and durable, Attractive V-shaped tote, comes with small pouch, transparent bag, insulated bottle cover and a changing pad. Contains spaced out internal pockets.

Cons – No outer pockets for quick access.

Fisher-price diaper bag

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This is one of the best bags amongst all of the Fisher Price diaper bags online India. In fact, in terms of its style and finish, I find it better than some of the more expensive diaper bags by Fisher-Price.

Firstly, the bag’s style is totally unlike other diaper bags. It is colourful but smart-looking. It suits almost all outfits. In stark contrast to backpack diaper bags, it can also be paired with Kurtas or other ethnic outfits.

Secondly, you will rarely find a V-shaped tote bag. Most other sling diaper bags come in a boring rectangular shape with stuffy outer pockets. The design of this bag comes with neat outlines and exudes trendy vibes.

In terms of its functionality, the inside area of the bag has four open pockets to store diapers, bibs, clothes and toys in a quick handy manner. It also contains a zippered pocket on the inside to store your valuables.

In addition to this, a beautiful insulated bottle holder, a small pouch, a transparent bag and a changing mat are all provided together with this diaper bag. These additions ease out the issues that you could face on account of lack of many internal pockets.

In my opinion, if you want a neat tote back, with no bulging outer pockets and handy inserts this is the best diaper bag for you.

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Skip Hop Duo French Stripe Special Edition Diaper Bag

Pros – Outstanding design, bottle-holders with magnetic closures, internal pockets with zips, clean design, stroller-friendly, highly durable product that comes with one of the best changing mats.

Cons – Expensive

Skip Hop diaper bag

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If you are someone who has lived abroad or someone who watches many Youtube videos of mommy bloggers, you will know of the global popularity of the Skip Hop brand.

Skip Hop has many designs and variants in the diaper bag, but the one that is easily available in India is its beautiful French Stripe Edition.

Now, let me tell you that it is an internationally shipped product and therefore far more expensive than any other diaper bag on this list. But if you are willing to spend the extra money, let me assure you that you are going to be ‘bagging’ a truly premium product.

First of all, this bag has style stamped all over it. Right from the elegant French stripes to the beautiful red zip-lines and the classic rolled handle, this diaper bag will not disappoint you on any level. If you do not want to carry it using the rolled handles, you can use the adjustable beige shoulder straps and keep your hands free.

The main compartment of the bag is zippered. In addition to this you will find two extra compartments on the side. You can store the complimentary changing pad in one of these. (By the way, I absolutely love the changing pad. (It’s so soft and evenly cushioned that the quality of this mat alone makes the exorbitant price of this bag worth it!)

Plus you will find one-of-a-kind magnetic closures on the external bottle holders that not only allow quick access but also store the bottle securely. You will also find two hidden quick access compartments on the side. One of these has a slit to quickly take out wet wipes.

What’s fantastic about this bag is that it stands even no matter what you stuff it with. You will rarely see this bag toppling over. It also does not look too bulky or bulge from the sides. It is also stroller friendly. You can hang it around the handles of most standard sized strollers.

Overall, this luxury diaper bag is most definitely worth the price. It can easily last you throughout your baby’s diapering days.

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Mee Mee Multipurpose Diaper Bag with Changing Mat

Pros – Neat minimalistic construction, comes with a cute animal print design, extremely affordable, a changing mat is provided, durable, excellent value-for-money

Cons – Few pockets

Mee Mee diaper bag

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My mom tells me that when I was little there weren’t many designs and styles of diaper bags available in the market. The only type of diaper bag available was the classic messenger diaper bag with some cute animal or Disney print on it.

This diaper bag by Mee Mee is made using that line of design. Although, many modern women often overlook such diaper bags, these bags definitely deserve to be given a serious consideration.

Let’s dive straight into the pocket distribution of this bag. This bag comes in a straight but narrow-ish main pocket. The advantage of this large pocket is that it has a sturdy base where you can neatly store extra clothing, tiffins and toys. The side pockets on the inside are small thanks to which they do not run into the main pocket area and stay firmly put on the sides.

On the outside, it does not have too many pockets. But the pockets that have been made available are perfect to store a bottle, some wipes or other handy knick-knacks and a phone or some money. The bag also comes with a functional changing mat.

Now I know that this Mee Mee diaper bag is not feature-rich. But thanks to its minimalistic design, it stays true to its purpose. Sometimes having too many pockets can be a hindrance as you end up storing far too many unnecessary items in your bag and that’s where such diaper bags prove to be beneficial.

Plus, it comes at a really affordable price and therefore can be a perfect buy for those that want a good-old useful but not too jazzy diaper bag. 

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Magideal Baby Diaper Bag Organizer Pouch

Pros – Small pouch for versatile use, waterproof material, can easily store enough diapers and wipes, ideal for users of reusable cloth diapers, affordable and super durable

Cons – Not a full-fledged diaper bag

Magideal Diaper Pouch

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Okay, okay! I hear you! This is not a diaper bag. This is a diaper bag organiser pouch. So why am I still enlisting this product amongst the ‘best diaper bags’ list.

Let me explain my views in detail here.

As a parent, it happens so often that you are just going out with your baby to run some quick errands or on a short post-dinner drive that carrying a full-fledged diaper bag seems absolutely unnecessary.

Similarly, you may even be travelling on a flight and you want to carry your regular handbag with full of stuff you need and would like to throw in a pouch containing the baby’s diapers instead of carrying a separate diaper bag.

It is in situations like these that this excellent small diaper bag organiser pouch comes in handy and deserves to be listed here all by itself.

This cloth diaper bag pouch comes in many attractive designs. It is made using waterproof fabric. In fact, it is a great product for cloth diaper users as they can easily stored soiled diapers in one compartment and fresh ones in the other.

Disposable diaper users could use one pocket to diapers and a folding mat and the other to store wipes.

Of course, the baby bottles and toys will have to go in other bags but for when you don’t need to carry all of those items, you can simply throw in this pouch in your bag. In fact, the pouch also comes with a loop to hang it to a stroller or to the handle of another bag.

As your baby grows older, you will prefer this little pouch over a full-sized diaper bag.

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My Milestones Duo Detach 2-in-1 Baby Diaper Bag

Pros – Spacious, affordable, durable, water-resistant, comes with sufficient inner pockets and a useful detachable front portion, can store both mom and baby products, travel-friendly

Cons – A little too big for everyday use

My Milestones Diaper Bag

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One of the biggest drawbacks of all diaper bags is that they are entirely baby-centric.

So except for one small zippered pocket on the back or the front, you won’t find any other area in the bag which allows you to store the stuff that you would normally like to carry in your handbag Thus I have had to let go off so many essentials like a moisturiser, make up, sunglasses, a small scarf, etc. when I would carry a diaper bag.

Thankfully, the makers of this diaper bag seem to have realised these woes of moms and have come up with a product that is functional enough to accommodate both mom and baby products.

First of all, the diaper bag comes in many attractive colours. Secondly, you get two bags for the price of one as the smaller part of this bag is detachable and can be used independently.

Moreover, the main compartment of the bag is huge. You can easily store all of your products as well as your baby’s products here. It has a zippered pocket on the inside and a couple more open products.

The front detachable compartment has a wallet and key holder. Plus using the outer detachable compartment, you can even segregate diapering products from eatables and other baby products.

I also find this diaper bag really suited for regular travellers. You can carry the whole set with you on your trip and then on your local days out, just carry the small detachable portion as a travel diaper bag.

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Final Thoughts

I am sure that you will find making a choice much easier now that you know the ins and outs of a diaper bag and what you must consider when buying one.

But, if reading multiple reviews has left you a bit confused. Here’s a quick round-up of my favourites based entirely on the price of the diaper bag –

Best budget diaper bag (₹) – Mee Mee Multipurpose Diaper Bag with Changing Mat

Best affordable diaper bag – (₹₹) – Robustrion Diaper Bag 

Best mid-range diaper bag (₹₹₹) – R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag

Best premium diaper bag (₹₹₹₹) – Skip Hop Duo French Stripe Special Edition Diaper Bag

Let me know which diaper bag you chose!

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