An Ultimate Guide on the Best Diaper for Baby India – 2020

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I am not kidding, I spent the most amount of time finding all about the best baby diaper in India. I wanted to make sure that I know all about the different types of diapers and diaper pants for babies.

In addition to that, I also had to decide if I wanted to be a part of the mom gang that chose disposable diapering options for their babies or one that chose a cotton diaper for babies.

However, when the baby finally arrived, I realised that I need to use a little bit of both. As you must have read in my post on newborn baby essentials, I used cloth diapers in the first couple of months and later on I only used disposable diapers.

So after reading all about diapers, trying half a dozen diaper brands, I now feel equipped to educate my fellow moms and to-be moms on the best diaper for baby, India.

best baby diapers india

Best baby diapers India – Quick overview

In this post, you will find a list of the best diapers in India 2020.

However, do note that this list only contains disposable diapers.

Best Diaper in IndiaImageTypeOverall rating (out of 5)Price
Mamy Poko Pants (Extra Absorb)Pant-styled5Check latest price here
Pampers Premium Care PantsPant-styled4.5Check latest price here
Pampers Active BabyTaped4.5Check latest price here
Pigeon Ultra Premium Diaper pantsPant-styled4.5Check latest price here
Huggies Dry DiapersTaped4.5Check latest price here
Huggies Wonder PantsPant-styled4.5Check latest price here
Supples Premium PantsPant-styled4.5Check latest price here

Best diaper for baby India 2020 – Top picks

Mamy Poko Pants (Extra Absorb)

Mamy Poko pants Extra Absorb The Mamy Poko pants are, in my opinion, the best diapers available in India.  The outstanding quality of these diapers together with their affordable pricing is the reason why Mamy Poko continues to be mass favourite brand among the top 10 baby diaper brands in India.

The Mamy Poko baby diaper pants come with a crisscross absorbent sheet. This diaper has a very high absorption capacity and can absorb up to 7 full glasses of urine.

I particularly like how evenly the urine is spread once absorbed. Plus, the stretchable thigh fabric prevents leakage from the sides too. It is not only an ideal diaper for daytime use but also works perfectly well for the extended nighttime sleep period.

What’s incredible is the speed at which the diaper dries up. The quick-drying technology of this diaper ensures that the baby stays dry and comfortable throughout.

The Mamy Poko diaper pants use a breathable cotton-type material. The soft material and the powerful absorption capacity of these diapers prevent diaper rash.

I also find the fit of this diaper perfectly suitable for both baby boys and girls. In fact, if you have a chubby baby, this is the only diaper that will fit your baby well. Most other diapers are small on the waist fit and prove to be uncomfortable for chubby babies.

Despite the fact that these diapers do not come with a disposable tape or a wetness indicator, the superior quality fit of these diapers coupled with their excellent absorbing properties makes these diapers an absolute favourite among parents.


  • Super absorbent
  • Cotton-like fabric prevents diaper rash
  • Prevent leakage from the thigh area
  • Suitable for both baby boys and baby girls
  • Particularly comfortable for chubby babies
  • Perfect for longer period use or night time use
  • Affordably priced


  • No quick disposal tape
  • No added fragrance
  • No wetness indicator

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Pampers Premium Care Pants

Pampers Premium Care PantsPampers is known as one of the top diaper brands of the world. The reason for that is the premium quality product that it manufactures.

Pampers Swaddlers (not available in India) is considered to be the best diapers in the world. Unfortunately, these are no longer available in India.

However, the Pampers Premium Care Pants are in my opinion a better alternative. The Pampers Premium Care Pants are the best diaper pants for babies. You will not find a softer alternative in the pant-styled category of diapers.

Not only are they soft but they are also enhanced with aloe vera lotion to protect your baby’s skin. They have 3 air channels that ensure that the heat from the pee/poop does not get trapped inside and allows the baby’s skin to breathe.

The absorption capacity of this diaper is as good as the Mamy Poko diaper pants. In fact, this diaper dries out slightly faster than the Mamy Poko pants too.

It is also power-packed with a wetness indicator that turns blue to indicate the need to change the diaper.

However, the most thoughtful feature of the Pampers Premium Pants is the disposal tape on its back. Taped diapers are very easy to dispose of. However, pant style diapers can’t be rolled and thrown and usually need to be wrapped in paper. However, this diaper comes with a disposable tape. Therefore all that you need to do is roll the diaper upwards and then securely seal it using the disposal tape on its back.

However, the only downside of this diaper is that it is a bit tight on the waist of chubbier babies. It often causes a red rash on the waist as it fits healthier babies in a little too snug manner. It also causes leakage from the thighs when worn for a prolonged period of time such as while sleeping at night.

That being said, I would urge every mother to give these Pampers Premium Care Pants a try. If they fit well on your baby, you won’t have to look back. Yes, it is true that these diapers are more expensive when compared with the average diaper price in India, but the premium quality, material and its many rich-features make these diapers absolutely worth every penny you spend on them.


  • Ultra-soft with 2 air channels to allow baby’s skin to breathe
  • Super absorbent
  • Easy disposal tape
  • Wetness indicator
  • Aloe-vera lotion for added protection of baby’s skin
  • Suitable for both baby boys and baby girls.


  • A little too snug for chubby babies
  • Could cause a thigh leakage when used for prolonged periods
  • Expensive

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Pampers Active Baby

Pampers Active BabyIf you like taped diapers that provide you with the flexibility to adjust the tightness of the diaper as per the comfort of your baby, then you should not look beyond the Pampers Active Baby diapers. These diapers are the best baby diapers in India, especially amongst the taped-diapers category.

Pampers being one of the leading baby diaper brands of the world never compromises on quality.

These diapers come with multiple power-packed features. The most attractive quality of this diaper is its cotton-like softness. The diapers are very soft on the baby’s skin and therefore do not cause rashes.

Additionally, just like the Pampers Premium Care Pants, these diapers are also infused with lotion for added protection of the baby’s skin.

Furthermore, despite being a taped-variant of diapers, these diapers sit perfectly well around the baby’s waist. They do not leak or move when the baby moves, thus providing optimal protection.

These can be easily worn at night for long hours as the diaper’s added dry layer with magic gel quickly absorbs the urine and keeps the diaper feeling dry and fresh on the baby’s skin.

What makes these diapers a more popular choice vis-à-vis the Pampers Premium Care is its slightly lower price. Some parents of baby boys also tend to prefer this variant over the pant-styled diapers of Pampers.


  • Super absorbent and come with an extra dry layer with magic gel
  • Enhanced with lotion for added skin protection
  • Suitable for prolonged use
  • Fit perfectly well despite being a taped-variant of diapers.
  • Stays secure even if the baby moves


  • Slightly more expensive than comparable market variant brands.

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Pigeon Ultra Premium Diaper Pants

Pigeon Baby Diaper Pants Pigeon is among the relatively less-known diaper companies in India. The Pigeon brand is essentially a Japanese company that produces a number of baby products such as bottles, lotions, baby wash, soaps and liquid detergents for baby clothes etc.

However, it is also slowly gaining a lot of popularity in the diapering department. Pigeon diapers are as good as any other premium quality diapers made by top brands. In fact, they are friendlier on the pocket too as these diapers cost less than the average baby diaper price in India. 

The diaper is made out of a silky soft material that does not cause any friction or rash when pressed against the baby’s delicate skin. The breathable layers of this diaper allow air to flow freely and further protects the baby’s skin from rash.

I particularly like the softness of the waistband of this diaper. It prevents any redness from on the waistline even when worn under baby shorts or pants. This diaper also comes with a wetness indicator to alert you when it is time to change the baby’s diaper.

The U-fold flap technology is also effective at preventing thigh leakages.

The only drawback that I experienced with Pigeon diapers is that the biggest diaper size (XL) of this brand seems smaller when compared to a similar size of other brands. I had to stop using it after my baby turned 15 months old as the fit turned out to be too small for her.

However, younger babies can definitely try these diapers out. Not only are they feature-rich, but they are also a bit more affordably priced.


  • Silky soft material
  • Breathable back sheet for added comfort
  • Super absorbent
  • U-flap technology to prevent leakage
  • Wetness indicator
  • Affordable


  • A little too snug for older babies
  • Chubbier babies may experience leakage.

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Huggies Dry Taped Diapers

Huggies Dry I love Huggies diapers, especially for younger babies. The diapers are extremely soft and cheaper than comparable market variants.

In fact, in my opinion, the Huggies taped-style diapers are the best diapers for newborn baby in India. 

These diapers are made out of air-fresh material that allows the air to flow freely, thus preventing the trapping of heat. In addition to that, the Huggies diaper has a blue-speed dry layer that does a fantastic job at immediately absorbing all the wetness from baby pee. It ensures that the baby does not experience any discomfort on account of wetness.

Once the wetness is absorbed, the quick-lock system keeps it securely locked inside the diaper thus preventing contact with baby’s sensitive skin.

If you are lucky to have a new born that sleeps through the night, these diapers are ideal for prolonged use as well.

In fact, the reason why I feel that these diapers work perfectly well on newborn babies is thanks to its super soft waist belts. Most taped-style diapers, such as the Pampers Active, have a waistband that feels like plastic on the skin and is likely to irritate newborn baby skin.

However, Huggies is an exception to that trend and works wonders when protecting delicate baby skin.

What is remarkable is that Huggies produces really high-quality diapers and sells them at a very affordable price. Regular user of disposable diapers could save a lot of money by choosing these diapers over other diapers.

Pro-tip: The sizing of Huggies diapers is not in line with the sizing standards followed by other diaper brands. Please check the weight band and choose the appropriate size before buying.


  • Air-fresh material
  • Blue speed dry layer
  • Quick-lock system to keep wetness  away from baby’s skin
  • Excellent diaper for newborn babies
  • Soft waistband
  • Affordably priced
  • Good for overnight dryness


  • Sizing different than market standards.
  • May not be suitable for older babies and toddlers

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Huggies Wonder Pants

Huggies Wonder Pants There are plenty of parents in India who strongly believe that Huggies is the best diaper brand in India. This statement is often based on their positive experience with the use of the Huggies Wonder Pants.

The Huggies Wonder Pants are the only diapers based on Bubble-bed technology. This technology uses a bubble-bed styled layer on the inside. Not only is this layer extremely soft but is also highly absorbent. This technology also ensures that the wetness is evenly distributed ensuring that the diaper does not feel heavy.

The other feature of the Huggies Wonder pants that I am a fan of is the cushiony waistband. The waistband is so soft and so beautifully designed that although it is made up of elastic, it feels like a piece of cloth hugging the baby’s waist. It ensures that it does not cause any irritation to the delicate baby’s skin.

This diaper comes with a triple leak guard to protect against leakages from the sides and the thigh area.

The diaper also claims to provide overnight comfort. However, I did feel that this diaper does not absorb as much urine as the MamyPoko pants Extra absorb ones and therefore may not be best suited for overnight use.

That being said, I strongly recommend new parents to try out the Huggies Wonder Pants simply for the bubble bed technology and the super-soft waistband that it is equipped with.

It is also slightly cheaper than the premium diaper pants offered by other brands.


  • Superior bubble-based technology
  • Ultra-soft cushiony waistband
  • Triple leak guard
  • Affordably priced


  • Slightly less absorbent

Check latest price on Amazon here

Supples Premium Pants

Supples Premium Pants I have not been able to find these diapers in stores and shops. However, they are a favourite amongst those looking for the cheapest baby diapers online in India.

Even though these diapers are much cheaper than other pant-styled diapers, they do not fall short in the features that they offer. The diapers look and feel premium.

The top layer of the diapers contains a zig-zag channel that creates a large absorbing area to distribute wetness evenly. The lower layer of the diaper is made of hydrophilic gel magnets that can absorb large amounts of liquid.

The diapers definitely deliver in terms of ensuring dryness. Their double leak guard is also highly effective in preventing leakages.

However, the only downside of these diapers is that the diapers do feel heavy after a period of time. I would not recommend these for overnight use.

But, in my opinion, you will not find more premium-looking diapers at this price range anywhere else. You should definitely try these out for day-time use. If your baby feels comfortable wearing these, it could save you thousands of rupees over a period of time.


  • Gentle on skin
  • Cushiony soft material
  • Double leak-guard
  • Zig-zag channel and gel magnets for optimal dryness
  • Extremely affordable baby diaper price


  • Not suitable for overnight use

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Frequently asked questions

Which diaper is the best for newborn baby?

As I have mentioned in my post on newborn baby essentials for first 3 months, determining which are the best diapers for newborns will depend on how often your newborn baby poops.

If your newborn baby poops multiple times during the day, it is best to choose a cloth diaper from one of the best cloth diaper brands of India. I would, in fact, recommend using a simple nappy style cloth diaper or a langoti so that you immediately come to know when the baby pees.

Of course, use of such a diaper would be a lot of work in terms of the added laundry load and the constant need to keep changing nappies, but it is the only way to ensure that no heat from the baby’s poop remains in contact with the baby’s delicate skin for a prolonged period of time.

That being said, if your newborn baby does not poop more than once or twice in a day, you could definitely opt for the Huggies Dry taped diapers. In my opinion that is the best diaper for newborn baby.

However, if your baby is premature and born within the weight range of 1 kg to 3 kgs, I strongly recommend you to check out these Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers. These diapers manufactured by a leading Denmark-based company are specifically made for newborn babies and particularly for premature. Therefore, they are paraben-free, chemical-free and made without any perfumes, lotions or preservatives. They are extremely soft and allow maximum air circulation. They dry very quickly and provide optimal comfort to your baby. Additionally, they also come with a wetness indicator.

What are the different types of baby diapers?

In terms of the material used, the two predominant types of baby diapers are disposable diapers and reusable or cloth diapers.

In the disposable type of diapers, the two varieties are pant styled diapers or taped diapers.

Pant style diapers are supposed to be worn like regular pants; whereas taped diapers must be kept flat under the baby’s bum and then the waistbands must be securely sealed to the front line.

Pant style diapers are gaining more popularity as they are easy to use and stay secure despite the many movements of the baby. Taped-diapers, on the other hand, allow adjustment as per required fit and are easier to dispose of.

Which is the best brand of baby diapers in India?

The best brand of baby diapers in India is one that makes baby diapers that suit your baby the most. The leading diaper brands for babies are Pampers, Huggies and Mamypoko. These brands make diapers that are high in quality and that are unlikely to cause a diaper rash if used correctly.

Brands like Pigeon, Supples, Himalaya, Libero, Mee Mee, etc. are also slowly gaining popularity. But these brands, although sell diapers online, do not always sell it in a store close to your home and therefore it may be best to stick to diapers that are easily available.

Which diaper is best for baby boy in India or which diaper is best for baby girl in India?

Most diaper brands manufacture diapers that suit both baby boys and girls. Therefore you do not need to specifically buy one that is the best diaper for baby boy or best diaper for baby girl.

However, Huggies is the only brand that manufactures gender-specific diapers for newborn babies.

Therefore you are still looking for the best diapers for baby girl, check out Huggies ultra-soft diaper pants for girls. Similarly, if you are interested in the best diapers for baby boy, check out the Huggies ultra-soft diaper pants for boys.

How to prevent diaper rashes?

Diaper rash is a common form of inflamed skin. It can cause mild to extreme discomfort to your baby. The best way to avoid diaper rash is as follows –

  1. Frequently changing diapers (once in every 2-3 hours)
  2. Changing a diaper immediately after the baby poops
  3. Wash your baby’s bum with warm water while changing the diaper. You could even use any good-quality baby wipes.
  4. Give the baby a few minutes of diaper-free time regularly. This exposes the baby’s skin to air and it dries out properly.
  5. Do not wear tight diapers.
  6. Use one size larger for overnight use of diapers.
  7. Always use a diaper rash cream before putting on a diaper. You could even apply Vaseline petroleum jelly (not during summers) instead of a diaper rash cream. However, if you plan on putting the diaper for a long period of time (such as before naps or night-time sleep), use a diaper rash cream. In my opinion, Desitin diaper rash cream is the best diaper cream available in the market.

>> Read my detailed post on the best diaper rash cream in India here.


The diapers listed above are the ones that work well with most Indian parents. I recommend you to try out these diapers and then pick one that suits your baby the best. It may even happen that a diaper that works for your baby during its newborn stage may not suit your baby as it grows old.

Therefore, keeping an open mind and trying out a few options is always the best way of zeroing down on the best diaper for your baby.